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OLINVO™ (oliceridine) Publications

Poster - 2016 ASRA Meeting

Presentations from the 41st Annual Regional Anesthesiology and Acute Pain Medicine Meeting, 2016.

Article - TRV130 Phase 2 bunionectomy full results

A randomized, phase 2 study investigating TRV130, a biased ligand of the μ-opioid receptor, for the intravenous treatment of acute pain

Poster - TRV130 Phase 2 bunionectomy trial

TRV130, a G Protein-biased Ligand of the µ-opioid Receptor, Demonstrates Analgesic Efficacy Following Bunionectomy in an Adaptive Phase 2 Study

Article - TRV130 Phase 1b full results

Biased agonism of the mu-opioid receptor by TRV130 increases analgesia and reduces on-target adverse effects versus morphine: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study in healthy volunteers. Pain 155(9):1829-35, September 2014.

Review - Advances in biased ligand drug discovery

Biased ligands at G protein-coupled receptors: promise and progress. Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 35(7):308-16, July 2014

Poster - TRV130 Phase 1b study summary

A comparison of the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of TRV130 vs. morphine in healthy volunteers. Presented at the 2014 American Pain Society meeting.

Article - TRV130 FTIH study

First Clinical Experience With TRV130: Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics in Healthy Volunteers. The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 54(3) 351–357. March 2014.

Article - TRV130 Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Publication

Structure-Activity Relationships and Discovery of a G Protein Biased Mu Opioid Receptor Ligand, TRV130, for the Treatment of Acute Severe Pain.

Article - Discovery and development of TRV130, a muopioid biased ligand

A G Protein-Biased Ligand at the mu opioid Receptor is Potently Analgesic with Reduced Gastrointestinal and Respiratory Dysfunction Compared with Morphine. J Pharmacol Exp Ther 344:708-717, March 2013.

Poster - TRV130 FTIH study summary

First human dosing experience with TRV130, a G protein biased ligand at the mu opioid receptor. Presented at 2013 American Academy of Neurology meeting

Poster - TRV130 efficacy and tolerability in rodents

A G protein biased mu opioid receptor ligand elicits potent analgesia but reduced constipation & respiratory depression compared to morphine in rodents. Presented at the 2012 American Association of Pain Medicine Meeting

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