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TRV734 - An orally available mu-opioid receptor biased ligand is analgesic with reduced constipation in rodents

This poster introduces TRV734, a G protein-biased mu-opioid receptor ligand that is analgesic with improved gastrointestinal effects compared to morphine and oxycodone in rodents. TRV734 displays promising pharmacokinetics in non-human primates; together these data suggest that oral TRV734 may deliver powerful analgesia with better tolerability than currently used oral opioids for acute and chronic pain.

Jonathan D. Violin, PhD,  Scott M. DeWire, PhD, Mike Koblish, Daniel Chen, PhD, Aimee L. Crombie, PhD, Dennis Yamashita, PhD, Ruth Ann Subach, PharmD, David G. Soergel, MD, and Michael W. Lark, PhD

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