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Trevena's ABLE™ Platform

Trevena's proprietary Advanced Biased Ligand Explorer, or ABLE™ platform generates proprietary biological information delineating beneficial and adverse signaling pathways at specific receptors, and identifies ligands that activate only the pathways associated with therapeutic benefit. The platform is a purpose-built set of integrated tools and techniques including diverse proprietary assays of GPCR function and regulation, which can predict therapeutic index and offer insights into G protein and β-arrestin-mediated mechanisms associated with pharmacological responses. These assays are aligned with biological signaling information obtained by dissecting GPCR signal transduction networks with targeted interventions such as β-arrestin knockout mice. The ABLE™ platform is an effective and efficient means of discovering meaningfully differentiated biased ligands targeting important clinical needs.

Trevena ABLEā„¢ Platform

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