About TRV045

Trevena is currently developing a novel sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) receptor modulator, TRV045, as a non-opioid treatment for various CNS disorders.

S1P receptors are located throughout the body, including the central nervous system, where they are believed to play a role in modulating neurotransmission and membrane excitability.

Trevena's discovery efforts have provided innovative insight into the function of the S1P receptor, resulting in a family of compounds that are capable of engaging this receptor in a more selective manner that does not produce immunosuppression or alter lymphocyte trafficking. In a preclinical model of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, TRV045 demonstrated activity with reduced associated lymphopenia.

Program Molecular Target Therapeutic Target Current Phase PC PH1 PH2 PH3 NDA Approved
TRV045 S1P receptor CNS disorders PC Oral PC in progress PH1 not started PH2 not started PH3 not started NDA not started Approved not started
TRV045 is an Investigational Product not approved by FDA for distribution in the US.